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Welcome to the YourCareerEdge Blog! This blog is designed to provide information and resources to increase your professional knowledge and skill set. 

We have a number of programs that make up the Professional Development Unit at Kansas State University’s Olathe campus. Our professional development offerings fall into the categories of animal health, food systems, digital skills and leadership skills.

So, why branch outside of workshop offerings into a blog? Well, our workshop instructors have a lot of thoughts on various topics from these categories that they want to share in hopes it enriches your knowledge and understanding of why “we” do what we do in our job, how we can do it better, how our specific unit/company fits into a larger picture and so on.

Each post is a different contribution written by one of our instructors. We hope you get to know them a bit from their posts and learn something new or have a topic framed in a different perspective. We also hope that if you like what you read and learn, you’ll decide to join us at one of our professional development workshops.

Until then, read on!

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